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IRA rollover, easy way to help with your IRA

IRA rollover, easy way to help with your IRA

Edward "Skip" Dahlkamp, San Diego State '63, has been a volunteer with California Delta since the early 2000s. Having worked in the financial services industry throughout his career Skip understands the significant tax benefits that come from making his charitable gifts through an IRA rollover.

Skip: I tell my SigEp brothers that an IRA rollover is one of the best tax advantaged ways to make a gift. And if you're faced with RMDs (required minimum distributions) an IRA rollover not only allows you to support SigEp and your chapter but also reduces your income and taxes - the best of both worlds.

As Skip's RMD increases in the coming years he plans to increase his annual gift to SigEp, all the while enjoying the tax benefits.

Is an IRA rollover gift right for you?

Have you calculated what your IRA required minimum distribution will be this year and how it will affect your taxes? If you have questions about how you can benefit from an IRA rollover, please feel free to contact us.