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Bequests are for family, and that includes SigEp

Bequests are for family, and that includes SigEp

Mike Kearney, Missouri S&T '61, found his fit with SigEp. Relationships with his brothers - and the lessons they learned together beyond the classroom - have stayed with him for decades. His passion for a strong Fraternity experience reflects the impact SigEp can have on every young brother.

"My Fraternity has been a continual friend and learning resource in my career and life. The Fraternity continues to teach long after the university's duty has been fulfilled. My Fraternity brothers have been communicating with me and helping me all through life.

"Like other family, SigEp should be in my estate plans."

Is a charitable bequest right for you?

We have resources that will help you learn more about bequests. Click here to review sample bequest language. You will see how easy it is to include a bequest in your will or trust.

You might find it helpful to print this page and the bequest language. Please feel free to give this information to your attorney. If he or she has any questions, please contact us.