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Two reasons to give from my IRA

Two reasons to give from my IRA

Paul Buckwalter, Philadelphia '66, plans to give to SigEp through his IRA for two reasons.

"First, because SigEp set me up for success in life. I am very thankful for what SigEp contributed to my life and I would like to pay it forward so that others can experience success. Second, my heirs won't miss a few percentage points of my estate! Because gifts to 501(c)3 organizations like SigEp are not subject to the significant taxes my heirs would encounter, I can make an impact now with IRA rollover gifts and leave a legacy after I'm gone."

SigEp's Annual Fund is one of a handful of organizations Brother Buckwalter plans to remember in his estate. He plans to leverage these tax advantages to support other nonprofit organizations in his local community, an academic scholarship at his alma mater (designated to support a SigEp brother!) and through the Pennsylvania Omicron chapter.

Individuals age 70 and older may make gifts directly from their IRA to a qualified charity. Individuals age 73 and older must take "required minimum distributions" from their IRA each year. IRA charitable rollover gifts to nonprofit organizations like SigEp can help satisfy the required minimum distribution.

Is an IRA rollover gift right for you?

Have you calculated what your IRA required minimum distribution will be this year and how it will affect your taxes? If you have questions about how you can benefit from an IRA rollover, please feel free to contact us.